Accounting Workflow Optimization

Take the Pain Out of Bookkeeping

Do you dread updating your books?  Do you find yourself wondering how other businesses get their books done more efficiently?  Rest assured, there is a better way!  Creating efficient processes that take the stress out of bookkeeping takes proper planning and know-how.  Business owners have many priorities to juggle and improving bookkeeping processes is not always top of mind.  The team at Green Orchid has more than 30 years of combined bookkeeping and accounting experience, and we want to help small businesses succeed.  We can help you identify needed changes and implement the right technology and processes to help your business thrive.

Assess & Document Current Processes

We can review a single process, like accounts payable invoicing, or all of your bookkeeping processes.  Below is an overview of our process.

We will . . .

  • Conduct a walk-through of your current process and identify what you track, communicate with others, and how and where you store records & documents
  • Create a process map that includes all stakeholders, key steps in the process, and associated systems or storage locations

Identify Pain Points & Inefficiencies

  • Identify pain points
    • If the process is painful, there is likely a better way to do it
  • Identify inefficiencies in the process
    • Bring the greatest value to your business by freeing up more time to do what you do best
    • Every process can be improved and every business should keep evolving.

Propose Solutions

  • Identify opportunities for improved communication and remove redundancies
  • Draft proposed workflow process detailing improvements recommended (including software & other resources needed)


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