Software Implementation

Accounting Software Implementations - The Basics

Accounting software implementations can be simple, but your first steps are critical to the performance of your system.  System settings and customizations can be straight-forward if you understand how your settings impact your daily work results.  Getting your set-up right from the beginning will save you time and headaches.  The Green Orchid team can help walk you through those initial set-up decisions and processes so that you can get the most value from your new software.


A proper system implementation begins with a review of your existing processes.  It is essential to determine how you can and should modify your workflow processes, so you can start getting better information from your system more efficiently.  Yes, you should always get BETTER information than you were getting before you implemented your new system.

Proper customer, vendor, and sales item setups will result in better controls, fewer errors, and efficient workflow processes.  Customizing system settings is a critical step in software implementation.  Custom fields, form templates, check and invoice numbering are just a few of the items you can customize to make sure your system works well for your unique business needs.

Once we are familiar with your business, we can help you customize your chart of accounts and determine opening balances.  Whether you are tracking on spreadsheets, migrating from one software platform to another, or have no tracking in place at the start of an implementation, we can help.

No implementation process is complete without proper training.  We can train you and your team members to keep your books up-to-date if you have staff to help with accounting processes.  However, if your preference is to outsource your bookkeeping functions, we can also help with a monthly bookkeeping plan.

Key steps & outcomes for Accounting Software Implementations:

  • Workflow process review
  • Key business data assessment
  • Customer, Vendor, and Sales Items and Product Set-up
  • Settings Review & Customization
  • General Ledger Account Customization & Starting Balances


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